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New Construction Heating, AC in Boise

Breaking ground on a construction or renovation project? We can help provide outstanding HVAC services for new construction and remodeled properties.

New Construction Project

Helping Ensure Quality HVAC During Construction, Renovation Projects

TML Service Experts provides Expert new construction services in Boise and the surrounding area. Our suite of new construction HVAC services start with the design and installation of heating and air conditioning systems along with ductwork and ventilation equipment. We can even provide indoor air quality products during the building or renovation of new homes and commercial buildings. This keeps workers and support staff safe from the dirt and debris common around work sites. These services are available for renovation and remodeling projects for both complete and partial HVAC system upgrades.

Get started by learning how you can Estimate Your Project. Contact us now online or on the phone at 208-488-4892 to learn more about what TML Service Experts can do for your new construction project. We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary estimate for your property’s new HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s often a simpler solution to your comfort problem. Maybe you can find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQ below!
  • Your overall costs can fluctuate depending on site conditions, the scope of the project and customer budgets. As an independent installation and service company, we can utilize a huge number of products that suit almost any situation.

  • Please visit our “Contact Us” page or give us a call at 208-488-4892.

  • To generate an accurate estimate for new installation, we will need blueprints of the building, equipment specifications and details concerning the scope of work necessary for the project.

  • Unfortunately no, but this is because new HVAC systems are designed for the intended space. If we’re taking responsibility for the system’s performance, we want to ensure it’s the proper size.

  • Depending on the project’s complexity, it can take anywhere from four hours to a week to complete new construction service in Boise.

  • We are your local HVAC Experts and use the specifications from the building contractor to determine heat loads and ventilation needs. From there, we’ll establish the energy requirements necessary for the system size.

  • We need access to the house for installation after it is closed off, but before drywall is installed.

  • Absolutely! But to ensure everyone is safe, enlist the help of your gas fitter if the system uses natural gas. They can help disconnect the gas lines safely.

  • This depends on the situation. If we are working on new construction in Boise that already has the proper building permits, you typically don’t need another one. But if the project is a renovation or remodel, we can secure the permits for you.

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Estimating New Construction Heating and AC Projects

The first item required for most of our clients is the estimated cost of completion. We are still able to generate a free estimate for our customers, but to do this accurately, we do need some information on the scope of the job.

Preparing for Your Estimate

To help ensure we have all the data necessary to give you the best value for your dollar, here are some items that you can gather before submitting your project to us for an estimate. The more information we have, the more precise of an estimate we can provide.

With just these three criteria:

  1. Blueprints of the building
  2. Specifications of equipment
  3. Scope of work

Blueprints of the Building

Knowing the layout and structure of the building is important to composing an estimate for your project. To understand what we will be working with, the blueprints should show:

  • All floors including the basement
  • Elevations that show the wall heights
  • Site plan that shows which direction the building is facing
  • Electrical plan to determine fan locations

If these plans are not available, a site visit may be required.

Use and Comfort Level

We understand that houses and renovations come in all levels of budget and personal needs. To help you stay within your budget and meet your customers’ needs, we have a large variety of equipment available. A basic description of your budget and special requirements (allergies, humidity, etc.) will help the selection process.

If we are replacing the system entirely, the existing equipment’s specifications are of great value. The model number of your furnace (generally placed inside the cabinet) and the air conditioner (where the model number is most likely to be on one of the outside corners) helps us understand what type of equipment will work best for you. Please include any other accessories that are attached to the system (e.g., humidifier, thermostat, air cleaner).

Scope of Work

To help us understand what will be required for new construction HVAC installation in Boise, please provide a detailed outline of the scope of work we will need to provide. Photos of the work site are greatly appreciated if you can include them. Once a certain level of detail has been established, we in turn can provide an accurate estimate for your HVAC installation project.

Starting the process is easy. Use our online estimate contact form to input and upload your estimate request or give TML Service Experts a call at 208-488-4892. And as always, we are available to meet with you on-site.

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